Brandix Corporate Campus launches flagship Advanced Diploma in Fashion, Apparel and Textiles

From left: Brandix Apparel Director and Chief Learning Officer Dr. Roland B. Smith, Brandix Corporate Campus Head of DATM Nilanthi Gamage, Brandix Corporate Campus CEO Priyanga Dassanayake, Brandix Group Chief People Officer Ishan Dantanarayana, Brandix Apparel Solution – Essentials CEO Lalith Bandara, and Brandix Apparel Solution – Lingerie CEO Rajiv Malalasekera

Brandix Corporate Campus (BCC), a subsidiary of Brandix Lanka Ltd., recently announced the launch of its flagship Advanced Diploma in Fashion, Apparel and Textiles. 

Adding to its growing list of pioneering clothing technology courses offered to those interested in becoming professionals in the apparel industry, this new Advanced Diploma has been positioned to become the gateway for budding and dynamic individuals who seeks to build a career in the booming apparel industry of Sri Lanka and the world. The program itself has been created by the most proficient members in the industry who have gained exposure to the best innovative and global practices. This team of professionals will use their expertise to ensure that the program keeps up with new industry developments. 

Extending an open invitation to anyone who is interested to join the program, BCC accepts individuals of all ages who have two A-Level passes, regardless of their educational background. Two years of dynamic and contemporary learning, split between full-time participation during the 1st academic year and part-time participation in the 2nd academic year, will result in the Advanced Diploma covering over 22 carefully curated modules, giving students a comprehensive understanding of the apparel industry. 

BCC students will have access to first-hand information and insights on the direction of the entire apparel industry as a result of its involvement with BCC’s parent company, Brandix Lanka Ltd. The two parties recently signed an MoU to this effect, and as a result, students will benefit from sought-after practical knowledge offered by no other entity delivered via 44 weeks of in-plant training. Students will be rotated across various areas throughout many factories, providing an overall understanding of the apparel value chain. Such priceless exposure will certainly go a long way in shaping the way one would look at their future career in this promising industry.

Setting itself apart from other institutes who offer similar programs, BCC’s Advanced Diploma gives students the competitive edge as they are guaranteed unmatched inspired internships at Brandix, featuring cross functional and multi product exposure and value additions with access to top industry professionals and global customers, subject to conditions. BCC’s program is by far the only one in the market which offers students an internship opportunity as sought-after as this. This sought-after internship will then pave the way for full-time job opportunities, based on performance. 

Priced at an affordable fee of Rs. 665,000 for the entire course of study, students are also presented with the unique opportunity to recover up to 45% of the course fee during the 12-month internship period which every student is entitled to. The intake for the Advanced Diploma commencing on 21 November is currently live, and BCC is seeking great talent to apply so that they may become the future leaders of the apparel industry. Such persons are encouraged to call or WhatsApp 077 044 4401 for more information. 

Since 1996, BCC has been offering pioneering clothing technology courses which have created skilled and proficient professionals who now stand amongst the best in the industry. BCC believes in providing their students with a ‘Gateway to a Career in the Apparel Industry,’ and to that end, they offer over 100 specialised technical courses ranging from fabric technology to merchandising, advanced pattern-making, production management, sewing machinery skills, and so on. 

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